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    Ep 35: Our Conversation with Enneagram Expert Ian Cron

    You asked for more Enneagram, and we answered! We are sharing an interview with Enneagram Expert Ian Cron, expect we are the ones being interviewed this time. Ian is the co-author of the book The Road Back To You. If you aren't familiar with the Enneagram or maybe you've heard about it and want to know more, then you are in the right place. The Enneagram is a self-discovery tool that goes very in-depth explaining your personality type. In this episode, we primarily talk about type 8 and 9, because that's what we are, and how we use it in our marriage.

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    Ep 34: BTS With Mark And Jami Nato - Christians Are Not Immune To Infidelity + A Story Of Redemption

    Our guests, Mark & Jamie Nato, share with us a story of redemption and hope. We know that it's going to encourage you guys! They are people that really value humor and laughing. They've been through some really hard, serious stuff, and they just have some good insight. They're very honest and real when it comes to the hard things within marriage, and a lot of people wouldn't talk about that kind of stuff.

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    Ep 33: Serving Each Other In Sickness And Trials - with Dale and Veronica Partridge

    Today we have the honor of interviewing Dale and Veronica Partridge. They've had a rough year and they're going to get real and tell us what has helped them survive. It's something that I think can help in every single area of life, and it's part of what it actually means to follow Christ. So if you're going through a really hard trial right now or are facing any suffering like sickness, illness, miscarriage, or disease, then you need to listen to this episode!

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    Ep 32: BTS with Jordan and Matt Dooley - Handling Big Transitions And Insight On The Newlywed Years

    In today's episode, we are talking with some of our good friends, Matt and Jordan Dooley. We know you're going to love this episode. So if you don't follow Jordan, she is just an amazing source of inspiration and encouragement for women. She's got a blog, an online shop, a virtual course and she has a book coming out called, Own Your Everyday, so make sure you go grab a copy of that! Matt had a short NFL career, got into medical sales and is now working full time with Jordan. We're going to talk to them about marriage, working together as a couple, and how they protect their marriage within that.

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    Ep 31: Love and Respect with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs - How To Handle Conflict & Understand Your Spouse Better So That You Can Love Them More

    We are sitting down with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs! Dr. Emerson has his Ph.D. in Child and Family Studies at Michigan State University. He's also the author of the New York Times bestseller book, Love and Respect. He's authored several other books on this topic and he and his wife Sarah now travel around hosting conferences, discussing love and respect, and just how influential this concept and this understanding is to us all. Whether you have been married for years, months, or plan to get married in the future, then you should really check out this interview!

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    Ep 30: BTS with Jana Kramer - Rebuilding Trust After The Heartache Of Infidelity

    We are talking with Jana Kramer and her husband Mike. You may know Jana as a big-time country singer or you might know her from the TV show One Tree Hill. She is an entrepreneur herself and the co-founder of Moms with Babes boxes. And of course, Mike and Jana have their own podcast together called Whine Down. They have just an awesome story and we were just super encouraged by their vulnerability and their honesty. You're going to want to definitely listen to this episode if you've ever been through a really rough spot in your relationship, specifically if you've ever struggled with infidelity or trust issues or how to regain trust and rebuild trust in your relationship. They have just lots of insightful encouraging things to share.

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    Ep 29: BTS with Jeff and Alyssa Bethke - Family As A Team And Establishing Marriage Rhythms

    We've got a really fun episode today. We're sitting down with two close friends of ours, Jeff and Alyssa Bethke! They've got to be some of the most intentional, wise, and just all around fun human beings that we know. And this episode is just packed full of goodness. We cover a ton of ground, with Alyssa dropping bombs, and Jeff with all of his energy and wisdom, bringing it really hard. They share their heart behind Family Teams, and all the things they are currently doing, like their own podcast, The Real Life Podcast, their books, from "31 Creative Ways to Encourage and Love" to "To Hell With The Hustle". It's a really great episode with a ton of truth and wisdom!

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    Ep 28: Fighting The Purity Battle Before And Within Marriage

    Today's episode is another audiobook reading! We hope you guys are enjoying these. In this episode, we share about fighting the purity battle and how we struggled with it. This was probably one of the hardest chapters we had to write, but it has prompted a lot of great conversation from all of you! Culture has overvalued the wedding day and undervalued the promise of forever within marriage, in the same way, they have overvalued virginity and undervalued purity. So we unpack what purity looks like to us and how we should refocus our energy on fighting the purity battle and not just the virginity battle.

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    Ep 27: BTS With John Mark Comer - Understanding love and marriage in contrast to today's culture

    Today we are talking with John Mark Comer! Few people have had more of a shaping and an influence in our life and our spiritual development. Whether it's his podcast from Bridgetown Church, actually going to his church, or his books, we have learned so much from him. Jeremy and I actually met at his church, 9 years ago. It was the first ever service of their downtown campus in downtown Portland. Today we talk with him about marriage, relationships, and God's design for all of it. Check out all of his books because he is a wealth of wisdom when it comes to many other things.

    To find out more about John Mark, visit his website at

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    Ep 26: A Section From “A Love Letter Life” - A Creative Type of Love

    More audiobook readings! We are reading from the chapter titled A Creative Type of Love. This is our favorite chapter! I know we said last week that the Principle of Sharing was our favorite, but this truly is our favorite. We share stories from when we were dating about how we chose to PURSUE CREATIVELY. DATE INTENTIONALLY. LOVE FAITHFULLY. This is essentially where our "Love Letter Life" began; in the typewriter letters, long distance dating, and desire to do things differently. We hope you enjoy listening to these audiobook readings.

    Share with us what your favorite chapter from "A Love Letter Life" is. What about it resonates with you?

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