Go behind the scenes with Jeremy & Audrey Roloff as they discuss family, business, faith, and life.

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    Ep 18: Intro to Season Two

    Welcome to Season 2 of Behind the Scenes Podcast! In light of our new book “A Love Letter Life” that releases April 2nd, this season is going to be all about love stories, relationships, marriage, and what it means to pursue creatively, date intentionally, and love faithfully. This season will be full of inspiring interviews from couples sharing their stories and wisdom when it comes to love! In this episode, we wanted to take you guys “behind the scenes,” and let you see how much time, effort, and intention it took for us to write “A Love Letter Life.”

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    Ep 17: Answering Your Assumptions About Us

    It’s the end of Season 1!! The 1st season of Behind The Scenes podcast has been so much fun! We love this community so much already and can’t wait for season 2! (Only a couple weeks away) To finish out season 1, we thought it’d be fun to give you guys a chance to tell us what you’ve assumed about us. In this week’s episode, we’re going to let you know if your assumptions about us are true or false! We listed out all the questions you asked us on our Instagram story, and we try to answer as many as we can!

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    Ep 16: Essential Oils + Running a Successful Business From Home as a Mom of Four

    Audrey goes behind the scenes with Casey Wiegand about essential oils, building a community, networking marketing the right way, and empowering and equipping other entrepreneurs as a mom of 4 littles.

    It takes a lot of hard work, intention and time to get to where Casey is, but here is the income disclosure statement:

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    Ep 14: Valentine’s Day, 36 questions, and 3 Sentence Love Stories

    Love is in the air! This week we're going to talk all about Valentine's Day, 36 questions, and three sentence love stories, which is something that we started four years ago. Valentine's Day is extra special to us because we also launched Beating 50 Percent on Valentine's Day four years ago. Love is worth celebrating and we are excited to celebrate it with you in this episode!

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    Ep 13: Q&A with Jeremy and Audrey

    You asked, we answered! Last week on Instagram, we asked you guys to send us questions you’ve been wanting us to answer. In this episode, we dive into some of those questions! We discuss where we went on our honeymoon, the biggest disagreement in our marriage, the hardest thing about being new parents, and so much more! This is a super fun, true, and real Behind the Scenes episode!

    Stay tuned for a show notes page with all the links and things mentioned in this episode!

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    Ep 12: Behind The Scenes Of Our Marriage Retreat

    Last week we did a two-night marriage retreat with some mentors of ours. In this episode, we describe what we did and why it will be the most productive thing we do all year.

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    Ep 11: Working And Raising Kids Together With Aaron And Jennifer Smith

    This week we sit down and talk with our friends, Aaron and Jen Smith. They have been married for 12 years, are raising 4 children, and successfully run a business together. They have a ton of wisdom (and some fun stories!) when it comes to balancing family and work, all well striving to be better along the way.

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    Ep 10: Behind The Scenes of Our Winter Break

    We are back after taking a few weeks off over the holidays and we want to give you a behind the scenes look at our time away. We spent the holidays unrushed and unpressured with family and friends, relaxing fireside, enjoying traditions, and writing our goals for 2019 - which we are excited to share with you in this episode! Head over to our Instagram (@behindthescenespodcast) to tell us some of your goals for this year!

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    Ep 09: Making Decisions And Setting Goals

    In this episode, Jer & Auj share their three-step process in making big decisions and setting goals. This was an episode that we wished was longer and one you won't want to miss.

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    Ep 08: The Always More® Mindset And How It Can Change Your Life

    Before every race, on graduation day, her wedding day, and the day of her daughter's birth, Audrey wrote these simple yet powerful words on her hand - “ALWAYS MORE.” In this episode, Jeremy Interviews Audrey as Audrey shares the story of how Always More® started, how it’s evolved, and how the Always More® mindset can change your life. With inspiration from Ephesians 3:20, ALways More® will empower you to believe in the more that is within you, and that you are capable of immeasurably more than you ever imagined. No matter what you might be facing today, this episode will inspire you to ALWAYS believe in the MORE that is within you!

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    Ep 07: Christmas Traditions, Managing Expectations, and Our Favorite Things

    Christmas is just a few weeks away and we thought it would be fun to give you a Behind The Scenes insight into what Christmas looks like and means to us. This time of the year can be overwhelming and distract our focus from the thing that matters most: Emmanuel - God with us. But we hope that you feel inspired (and find laughter!) as we share Christmas memories as well as some of our Christmas traditions and favorite holiday things with you!

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    Ep 06: The Marriage Journal

    The Marriage Journal is something we committed to during our first year of marriage and it has been such a useful tool that has pushed us to connect, reconcile, and grow in our communication. We are really going Behind the Scenes in this episode as we share some of our own marriage journal entries with you (holding nothing back!) from our first few weeks of marriage and from a few weeks ago.

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    Ep 05: What Our First Year Of Marriage Taught Us

    In this episode we share the insanity that we endured during our first week of married life. We’ve never told this story before and we think you’ll laugh and hopefully be encouraged if you are going through a not-so-glamorous time or trial. If you’re feeling disappointed or frustrated, we hope this episode reminds you that hard circumstances don’t have to dictate the health of your relationship.

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    Ep 03: Our Home Renovation And What We Learned The Hard Way

    People say, if you can survive a home renovation, then you can survive anything. We survived two home renovations in six months! Not to mention, one of those renovations took place while Audrey was seven months pregnant and the other when Ember was only one month old. Through the renovation we learned a lot, the hard way! We are taking your behind the scenes into our home renovation process, both the intentional renovation and the unintentional second renovation that was thrown our way. We're going to talk about how we did it, what went wrong, what we did wrong, what we're so glad we did, and share some tips and tricks that we learned along the way. We hope this is helpful to you and makes you laugh a little!

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    Ep 04: The Enneagram As A Tool For Self-Discovery, Self-Growth, and Relationships with Expert Chris Heuertz

    If you have been following us for any length of time, you know how much we are obsessed with the enneagram. So we are super excited to have an enneagram expert as the first guest on the podcast! Chris Heuertz teaches about the enneagram in workshops and at retreats all around the world. We hope you learn a lot from listening into our conversation with Chris as he shares how valuable the enneagram is for self-growth, self-discovery, and relationships.

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    Ep 02: Why We Left The Show

    After 14 years over 300 episodes and 17 seasons I made the decision to leave Little People Big World. It was an amazing run and played such a huge part of my life. I would do it all over again, which I believe sums up my feelings about it pretty well. However, there are seasons for everything and in this next season, Audrey and I want to shift our focus. We want to focus on our calling, not just our comfort. In this episode, we dive into why I decided to leave LPBW.

    Stay tuned for a shownotes page with all the links and things mentioned in this episode!

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    Ep 01: Jer + Auj Update: Our Life Now

    It has been a year of change for our family! We had Ember, moved into and renovated our new home, decided to leave our family’s TV show, wrote our first book, and so much more. We are excited to share with you what we have been up to, what we are currently struggling with, all the exciting things that are in the works, and also what we are loving lately!

    Stay tuned for a shownotes page with all the links and things mentioned in this episode!

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    Ep 00: Trailer

    Welcome to the Behind the Scenes Podcast where we share the messy, honest, unfiltered and not so curated parts of our life. You will learn the reality behind our social media feeds, business, ministries, and what you may have seen on tv as we get honest and open about relationships, family, faith, business, and whatever we are learning about, fighting about, or laughing about lately. But you won’t just hear from us! We are sitting down with the people who inspire us most as they share the behind the scenes reality of their lives.

    We hope each episode will feel like an invitation to our dinner table or a conversation around a campfire. Think of this podcast as a bunch of bloopers with some truth bombs sprinkled throughout! Ultimately, we believe that your behind the scenes is more inspiring than your highlight real. And we are excited to share go behind the scenes with you!

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